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Lhota Hopes to Capitalize on Elite Dismay Over a Liberal Tilt

HBS Bulletin - Sep 11

The angst in New York City, emanating from charity galas and Park Avenue dinner tables, has created an unexpected political opening for Joseph J. Lhota, the Republican nominee for mayor, whose once-sleepy candidacy is now viewed by players in both parties as their last, best hope for salvaging the business-friendly government of the Bloomberg era. Read More >

One Chair at a Time

HBS Bulletin - Sep 6

One Chair at a Time by Constantine von Hoffman Beth Stewart Photo by Benoit Cortet Corporate America's glass ceiling doesn't stop at the C-suite. Only 16.6 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a woman on their board of directors. Beth A. Stewart (MBA 1982) is uniquely qualified to change that. And she is changing it—one board at a time. Stewart, currently on the boards of Carmax, Inc., and Avatar Holdings, was first named a director when she was 36. In the 20 years since then, she estimates she has ...

Take Three

HBS Bulletin - Sep 4

Take Three by Julia Hanna Henry McGee Photo courtesy of HBO When he graduated from HBS, Henry McGee (MBA 1979), a former Newsweek reporter, was pretty sure he wanted to get into the business side of media. Time Inc. offered him two jobs. One would put him on the established path of magazine publisher. The other was at the media company's relatively unknown cable TV subsidiary, Home Box Office. He took the job at HBO and stayed for 34 years, recently retiring as president of HBO Home Entertainment, the ...

Women's Business Leader

HBS Bulletin - Sep 4

Carla Harris Photo courtesy of Carla Harris On August 12, President Obama announced his intention to appoint Carla Harris (MBA 1987) to be the Chair of the National Women's Business Council (NWBC). Harris is a prominent global investment professional and business expert. She currently serves as the Vice Chairman of Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley where she is responsible for increasing revenue generation and client connectivity and penetration across the Wealth Management, ...

Inside Comcast's $30 Billion TV Bet

HBS Bulletin - Aug 28

NBCU's Steve Burke has weeded out executives and scrubbed the culture. Read More >

The Impossible Mayor of the Possible

HBS Bulletin - Aug 23

Mayors are often spectators, forced to play the hands dealt them by history, the economy, the public, their allies or campaign contributors. As much as any mayor of modern New York, Mr. Bloomberg has been a transformative figure, a shaper of his time. Read More >

More Kerouac Than Corporate: Harvard MBA Road Trip Coaches Businesses Across America

HBS Bulletin - Aug 20

Ivy League MBA candidates usually don gray suits to intern at Wall Street investment banks and consulting firms. But this summer, four Harvard Business School students have been going more Kerouac than corporate. They're hitting the open highway in T-shirts and jeans, taking their skills on the road to places such as Detroit, Albuquerque, and New Orleans, where they are consulting for small businesses for free. Here's a report from the road. Read More >

Sweet Deal

HBS Bulletin - Aug 19

Yusuf Keshavjee Photo by Ramadhan Khamis Some years ago, Yusuf Keshavjee (OPM 17, 1991) was driving near Lake Victoria in Kenya when he noticed vendors by the roadside selling honey. Not an unusual sight in Africa, but it got Keshavjee to thinking about issues facing local farmers: branding, finding markets, and adding value to their products. At the time, Keshavjee was the head of the Aga Khan Foundation in East Africa, a major development agency, and believed that the best way to sustain health and ...

Women's Business Leader

HBS Bulletin - Aug 16

Carla Harris Photo courtesy of Carla Harris On August 12, President Obama announced his intention to appoint Carla Harris (MBA 1987) to be the Chair of the National Women's Business Council (NWBC). Harris is a prominent global investment professional and business expert. She currently serves as the Vice Chairman of Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley where she is responsible for increasing revenue generation and client connectivity and penetration across the Wealth Management, ...

Causes and Effects

HBS Bulletin - Aug 8

Amy Schiffman Langer Photo by Benoit Cortet "My life experiences inform my work, and vice versa," says Amy Schiffman Langer (MBA 1977). She has turned physical challenges—breast cancer, a disability, and chronic pain—into a focus on cause-marketing and advocacy. "I've parlayed my misfortunes into my career." Like many of her classmates, Langer began her employment in the financial industry, joining Shearson Lehman Brothers as an investment banker. "I was specializing with retail companies: ...

Up, Up, and Away!

HBS Bulletin - Aug 5

At the Draper University of Heroes, tech-world hopefuls are taught to think big, bold, and purposeful—to dream in order to walk. Only then will they be prepared for Silicon Valley's more mundane reality. Read More >

Dick Kazmaier, 82, was Last Ivy League Player to Win Heisman Trophy

HBS Bulletin - Aug 5

Dick Kazmaier, one of the greatest college football players of all time, who led Princeton University to two consecutive undefeated seasons and who, in 1951, became the last Ivy League player to win the Heisman Trophy, died Aug. 1 at a hospital in Boston. Read More >

For Clover CEO, openness is first

HBS Bulletin - Aug 1

Clover Food Lab CEO Ayr Muir has never been one to shy away from conflict. And, like many successful people, Muir has a knack for finding the positive in a negative situation. Read More >

A Cure for Cold Storage

HBS Bulletin - Aug 1

Michael Schrader Photo courtesy of Tracy Powell The measles, says Vaxess CEO Michael Schrader (MBA 2012), is the perfect example of what's wrong with the modern vaccine. Despite the fact that a measles immunization has been available for more than 40 years, there are still several countries around the world where fewer than 50 percent of the children are vaccinated against the virus. And the price of the vaccine is negligible, says Schrader—around 5 or 10 cents. "It's not cost that limits it," he ...

Bouquet with Impact

HBS Bulletin - Jul 29

Selena Cuffe Photo by Neal Hamberg On a trip to South Africa in 2005, Selena Cuffe (MBA 2003) happened across an advertisement promoting the first Soweto Wine Festival. Cuffe, the director of an exchange-student nonprofit, didn't know a lot about wine. Yet the event sounded so intriguing, off she went, brushing aside warnings that it was dangerous for foreigners to enter the township. Along with good food, camaraderie, and jazz, she discovered some fabulous wines with an added, rare distinction: they were ...

An Engine of Education Innovation

HBS Bulletin - Jul 25

Stig Leschly Photo credit goes here The first time Stig Leschly (MBA 1997 / JD 1998) really sat down to think about what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, he decided to pursue his love of music. He was 23 years old, new to Harvard Business School, and trying to figure out a way to connect fellow collectors of rare records and books with sellers. His solution, the early e-commerce site, was sold to for a reported $200 million in 1999. The second time Leschly sat down to ...

Maria Baibakova Is Finding Her Place in the Art World

HBS Bulletin - Jul 25

Perhaps best known for Red October, a temporary, nonprofit art space she opened in an old Moscow chocolate factory in December 2008, Baibakova has emerged as an influential player on the contemporary art scene. Read More >

Building Great Schools around Great Teachers

HBS Bulletin - Jul 23

Tony Klemmer Photo courtesy of NAATE Plans for a second career took an abrupt turn in just one day for Tony Klemmer (MBA 1983) when, after a quarter century of successful startup launches, he left the business world to pursue personal interests on a professional basis. Answering the call of his high school alma mater, Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island, he accepted the post of assistant principal. Then, during Klemmer's four-year tenure at Portsmouth Abbey, a visit to a charter school in a tough New York ...

All in Good Time

HBS Bulletin - Jul 19

Andrea Silbert Photo by Chris Churchill Financial analyst. Grassroots organizer. Social entrepreneur. Candidate for political office. These are just a few of the titles held by Andrea Silbert (MBA 1991 / MPA 1992) over the years. Now president of the Boston-based Eos Foundation , a philanthropic grant-making organization focused on creating social equity and economic self-sufficiency, Silbert has a simple take on what ties her career together: "I'm a problem solver. I love digging into an issue and the ...

Embracing Chaos

HBS Bulletin - Jul 17

Ravi Venkatesan Photo by Neal Hamberg If anyone could write the recipe for business success in emerging markets, it would be Ravi Venkatesan (MBA 1992). After all, he's led not one, but two, major multinational companies—Cummins and Microsoft—in India and brought both to dominate their respective markets there. India, he says, is the archetype for all emerging markets. "If you can't succeed here, you're not going to do well anywhere," says Venkatesan, who most recently served as chairman of ...

Philip Caldwell Is Dead at 93; First Non-family Member to Head Ford

HBS Bulletin - Jul 12

Philip Caldwell, the button-down manager chosen over Lee A. Iacocca to become the first head of the Ford Motor Company who was not a member of the Ford family, died on Wednesday at his home in New Canaan, Conn. Read More >

Making Lives Better

HBS Bulletin - Jul 11

Alison Tepper Singer Photo by Tracy Powell When her daughter was diagnosed with autism, Alison Tepper Singer's life changed both personally and professionally. The 1993 HBS grad had been planning to build on her career as a TV news producer—first at WTKR in Norfolk, Virginia, and later at CNBC—when she decided to shift course. "I think every parent whose child is diagnosed with autism becomes an advocate to some extent," she says. "Everyone goes to the walks, but there are a handful of people ...

Dean Emeritus John H. McArthur Receives High Honor from Canada

HBS Bulletin - Jul 2

Dean and Professor Emeritus John H. McArthur (MBA 1959, DBA 1963), who served as Dean of Harvard Business School from 1980 to 1995, has been appointed an officer of the Order of Canada (OC). Read More >

Family of the Late Boston Businessman William F. Connell Donates $10 Million to Harvard Business School

HBS Bulletin - Jul 1

The family of the late William F. Connell (MBA 1963), the founding chairman and CEO of the Boston-based Connell Limited Partnership, has donated an additional $10 million to Harvard Business School to establish the Margot and William F. Connell Family MBA Program Innovation Fund. Read More >

The Nature of Business

HBS Bulletin - Jul 1

Mark Tercek Photo by Katherine Lambert Mark Tercek likes a challenge. As CEO of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), he has led the global nonprofit to fearlessly take on conservation projects that no one else would. "We are trying to tackle those global challenges that are vital, and that no one else can do," he said. "We're not afraid of the private sector, we're non-partisan, and we like very much to get things done on the ground and in the water. Those are the qualities that have allowed us to grow." Tercek ...

No Trivial Matter

HBS Bulletin - Jun 26

Bob Reiss Photo courtesy of Bob Reiss It was 1983, and Bob Reiss (MBA 1956) was looking for a new game to play. A Brooklyn native and former basketball star at Columbia University who had become a successful entrepreneur in the toy-and-game industry, Reiss was impressed by the feverish public response north of the border to the 1980 Canadian board game, Trivial Pursuit, which was only just then being introduced in America. Reiss realized that other sorts of trivia games could be big sellers, too. With no ...

Upstarts Raise Money for Startups

HBS Bulletin - Jun 26

Two recent HBS grads are employing the crowdfunding site Upstart—which promises a percentage of their future earnings in exchange for capital in the short term—to help finance their new businesses. Read More >

For 23andMe, The Real Value Could Be In Its Data

HBS Bulletin - Jun 25

23andMe, the personal genetics company backed by Google Sergey Brin and Facebook billionaire Yuri Milner, announced that Andy Page, a long-time board member for the company, would become its president. Read More >

Boeing Boss Pilots a Path to the Future

HBS Bulletin - Jun 24

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney reflects on strategy and the future of the aircraft-maker. Read More >

Your Guide to Social Enterprise

HBS Bulletin - Jun 19

Georgia Levenson Keohane (MBA 2000) has created the first road map of the world of social entrepreneurship. Read More >

A Rising Star Emerges at Berkshire

HBS Bulletin - Jun 13

When Tracy Britt arrived in Omaha, Neb., in 2009 to meet with Warren Buffett, she brought a Harvard MBA, a glittering resume, and a boatload of ambition. But she also brought the famed investor a gift to highlight their shared Midwestern roots: a bushel of corn and a batch of tomatoes. The seed Britt planted that day yielded quick results: a job for her as Mr. Buffett's financial assistant at Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Read More >

Learning Curve

HBS Bulletin - Jun 13

Marshall Tuck (MBA 2000) is helping rebuild Los Angeles' worst schools to give kids a shot at success. Read More >

Exploring the American Dream: From Pakistan to HBS

HBS Bulletin - Jun 6

In a sea of caps and gowns on his graduation day, Ahmed Makani looked like any other Harvard MBA: a newly minted corporate soldier filled with unbridled joy and enthusiasm. But unlike many of his classmates, his journey from Karachi to Harvard was long and difficult, and began early in his life, inspired as much by his academic prowess as his ultimate passion to become an entrepreneur. Read More >

Premier League chooses Fry as chairman

HBS Bulletin - Jun 6

The investment banker Anthony Fry will become the Premier League's first new chairman in 14 years when he takes over from Sir Dave Richards in June. Fry spent 18 years at the banking group Rothschild, was head of global media and European telecoms at BZW/CSFB, and ran UK operations for Lehman Brothers. He has chaired or sat on numerous boards across a range of business, public, charitable and academic bodies. Read More >

Seeing the Light

HBS Bulletin - May 31

A former ad man, now a full-time artist, Chip Evans (MBA 1973) paints memorable scenes, including HBS campus landmarks. Read More >

Meg Whitman Jolts HP as Its Reluctant Savior

HBS Bulletin - May 31

To understand Meg Whitman, the former eBay chief executive who now runs Hewlett-Packard, it's essential to revisit something she did 26 years ago. She had just become a junior partner at Bain Consulting, working for the brilliant but domineering Tom Tierney. One morning Whitman walked into his office, impromptu. The 31-year-old asked her feared boss if he wanted staff feedback about his leadership style; he nodded. With that Whitman grabbed a felt-tip marker and sketched a giant steamroller on a nearby ...

Spangler awarded honorary degree from Harvard

HBS Bulletin - May 31

HBS alumnus C.D. Spangler Jr. shared the stage with entertainment icon Oprah Winfrey and Boston mayor Thomas Menino as nine leaders in their fields received honorary degrees during Harvard's commencement exercises on Thursday. Read More >

York joins Harvard Board of Overseers

HBS Bulletin - May 31

Gwill E. York, managing director and co-founder of Lighthouse Capital Partners, has been elected to the Harvard Board of Overseers, it was announced yesterday. York is one of five new Overseers elected for six-year terms. Harvard degree holders cast 26,798 ballots in the election. Read More >

Harvard Overhauls Its MBA Application—Essay Optional

HBS Bulletin - May 30

Harvard Business School is making radical changes to its MBA application, revamping the essay section and reducing the number of required recommendations. For 2014 applicants there will be a single essay question with no word limit, and it will be optional. Read More >

Find Meaning in Your Work, Says Ann Moore at HBS

HBS Bulletin - May 30

Former Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore told students on the Baker Library Lawn at HBS that she has now attended three HBS Class Day celebrations: twice to speak, and once, last year, for her son's graduation. But she didn't go to her own. Read More >

Aimed at Increasing Vaccine Access, Vaxess Raises the First Part of a $3.75M Series A

HBS Bulletin - May 24

Vaxess has closed the first tranche of a $3.75 million Series A financing, led by Norwich Ventures. The Boston-based company uses silk-derived proteins to stabilize vaccines without refrigeration, eliminating the need for cold-chain transport. Read More >

Crime-fighting platform wins President's Challenge

HBS Bulletin - May 23

President Drew Faust named Team Nucleik the grand prize winner of the Harvard University President's Challenge for social entrepreneurship, hosted by the Harvard Innovation Lab (i-lab). Read More >

Aboriginal chancellor Blaine Favel sets priorities for Saskatchewan university post

HBS Bulletin - May 22

Blaine Favel, the president of One Earth Oil and Gas and a former chief of the Poundmaker Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, has been appointed chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan. Favel is an alumnus who was awarded an honorary doctorate of laws by the university last year. He is a lawyer and former head of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations who holds a masters of business administration from Harvard. Read More >

Hansjorg Wyss doubles his gift

HBS Bulletin - May 22

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has announced that Hansjorg Wyss (MBA 1965), the entrepreneur and philanthropist who enabled the institute's creation in 2009 with a $125 million gift, has donated a second $125 million gift to further advance the institute's pioneering work. Read More >

Education without limits

HBS Bulletin - May 13

When he was filling out the forms to establish his new nonprofit in 2008, Salman Khan paused at the mission statement section. The MIT grad, a math and computer whiz with an MBA from Harvard Business School, thought for a moment, and then jotted down a powerful response: "A free world-class education for anyone anywhere." Read More >

Amy Hood to take on chief financial officer role at Microsoft

HBS Bulletin - May 10

Microsoft has named Amy Hood as its first woman chief financial officer, relacing Peter Klein, who will leave at the end of June. Hood, 41, was previously CFO of the business division, where she oversaw the acquisitions of Skype and Yammer, two key moves in Microsoft's strategy to protect its share of the enterprise software market. Read More >

Road Trip

HBS Bulletin - May 10

With alumni support, this summer four HBS students will team up with entrepreneurs in America's heartland. Read More >

Child’s Play

HBS Bulletin - May 10

Tak: Apps for childhood development. Photo by Corey Wilson/Green Bay Press-Gazette The Over in the Meadow Animated Storybook is an interactive, animated, and educational product, the first to be rolled out by a start-up called iMomConnect . It’s designed to help busy parents teach young children how to count and learn animal sounds, among other skills, with more features, convenience, and portability than a stack of books. “We created this company to create child development apps on the iPhone, ...

Harvard Center Shanghai Names New Executive Director

HBS Bulletin - May 10

Jeffrey Williams (MBA ’82) has been named the inaugural executive director of the Harvard Center Shanghai . Opened in March 2010, the center, a joint venture of HBS and the Harvard China Fund, supports a wide range of activities, including HBS Executive Education programs offered in partnership with Chinese institutions, student programs, faculty research, case writing, and conferences. Williams also will build relationships with key academic, business, and government leaders in China. “The ...

Heard in the Chapel

HBS Bulletin - May 10

During a memorable night in early December, the Class of 1959 Chapel shed its quiet sanctuary aura to host a full-tilt concert staged by Heard on the Street, the twelve-member HBS a cappella men’s chorus. With a repertoire that spans pop standards to hip-hop, the group delivered a spirited performance to a packed house. The HBS men’s original a cappella group, The Tycoons, was formed in 1947 and entertained campus gatherings for more than 25 years before disbanding. Heard on the Street, which ...

James McNerney Jr.

HBS Bulletin - May 10

McNerney: It’s all about being globally competitive and creating U.S. jobs. Illustration by Andy Friedman Related Links The Path to Economic Revival Making Their Way Squawk Box at HBS - Jim McNerney, Dean Nitin Nohria, and University Professor Michael Porter discuss U.S. competitiveness and trade. "Pilots Push 787 Dreamliner to the Limit" - Watch some take-offs and landings best left to the test pilot professionals. "Capturing the Birth of the Dreamliner" - Photographer Ed Turner documented the ...

Snappy Salute

HBS Bulletin - May 10

Pinchuk: CEO of a precision-tool company doesn’t exactly fit the mold. Photo by Tom Lynn/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel As CEO of Snap-on , Nicholas Pinchuk (MBA ’76) heads a company that’s all about precise fits for its tools. But he himself is no standard-issue corporate chieftain. A longtime former resident of Asia, he’s also a Vietnam veteran, a rarity among big-company CEOs, only 8 percent of whom have served in the military, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (December 5, 2010) ...

The Rankings Game

HBS Bulletin - May 10

Illustration by John Kachik Depending on which business school ranking you consult, the best MBA program in 2010 was at the University of Chicago, HBS, the London Business School, or Stanford University. Among the five leading media rankings, HBS fell no lower than fourth place last year, compiling the best overall showing. Chicago and Stanford each disappeared from the top five in at least one ranking. And the London Business School showed up only once in the top five — as No. 1. Two questions leap ...

Innkeeper to the World

HBS Bulletin - May 7

Frits van Paasschen, CEO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, is pushing his hospitality into the global marketplace, with a particular focus on emerging markets. Read More >

Looking Through Glass, Historically

HBS Bulletin - May 6

Charlie Wilson's (MBA 1967) research into his grandfather's glassworks takes us back to a bygone era. Read More >

Harvard to receive $50 million to speed translation of research into therapies

HBS Bulletin - Apr 29

Harvard University has received a $50 million gift from businessman and alumnus Len Blavatnik to support a major initiative aimed at bridging the "valley of death" — the gap between basic biomedical research and the emergence of new therapies for patients. Read More >

The Fastest Rowers Don't Always Make the Fastest Boat

HBS Bulletin - Apr 29

The CEO of Stella & Chewy's, a pet food company based in Milwaukee, discusses lessons learned from her days in crew and track that apply to hiring and team building. Read More >

Orbital Sciences Launches Antares Rocket

HBS Bulletin - Apr 29

US manufacturer Orbital Sciences launched its first Antares rocket, paving the way for a demonstration flight to the International Space Station within months. "Today marked a giant step forward for the Antares program, with a fully successful inaugural flight of the largest and most complex rocket the company has ever developed and flown," said Orbital chairman David Thompson. Read More >

The RaiseForWomen Challenge

HBS Bulletin - Apr 29

Daniel Koh, Chief of Staff to Arianna Huffington, talks about the progress being made in the RaiseForWomen challenge, an initiative to help women-focused nonprofits gain resources and recognition. Read More >

Message for Alumni

HBS Bulletin - Apr 19

We know that many of you are concerned about the HBS community given the unfolding events in Boston today, and we are grateful for your outreach. As we may be unable to respond to each and every inquiry, we are writing to let you know that the entire University is closed and, as directed, we are sheltering in place. We are taking every precaution to ensure that everyone is safe and staying indoors. Harvard updates will be posted on the emergency page . We appreciate your ...

A Walkabout to the Ocean

HBS Bulletin - Apr 16

Andreas Merkl (MBA 1989) brings a business approach to running the Ocean Conservancy. Read More >

In Push for Gender Equality, Breaking Down the Boardroom Door

HBS Bulletin - Apr 12

Beth Stewart, who runs a search firm that specializes in female directors, helped stoke the debate over board diversity by taking aim at the giant social network Facebook. As the Internet company prepared to go public in a much-hyped debut, she worked behind the scenes on a campaign to publicize the lack of women on Facebook's board. Read More >

'Living Legend' Reifer Reflects on Life's Journey

HBS Bulletin - Apr 11

Little did Hans Reifer know that 75 years after fleeing from Nazi Germany as a six-year old child with his father, mother, and sister, he would return to his home city of Vienna for the first time to be honored by its mayor and chancellor of Austria. Read More >

Ex-Googler Launches JobArrive to Help You Find a Part-Time Job

HBS Bulletin - Apr 11

Indeed,, Craigslist, Simply Hired and Careerbuilder. What do they all have in common? These job search sites cater to a broad range of career seekers looking for internships, part-time and full-time work. Palo Alto startup hopes to break this model, offering up a part-time employment specific site, starting in San Francisco Bay Area cites. Read More >

Tapped In

HBS Bulletin - Apr 10

Fredo Arias-King's (MBA 1996) Green and Tapped project plants pine trees on indigenous Mexican lands, offering a vital and unique income source. Read More >

Gift to HBS Funds New Professorship on Gender, Work, Career, and Family

HBS Bulletin - Apr 5

Alvin J. Silk, the School's Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration Emeritus, has established an endowed chair named in honor of his late wife, Diane Doerge Wilson, an organizational sociologist and longtime researcher, author, and consultant on the impact of information technology on companies around the globe. Read More >

HBS Women's Student Association Endows Fellowship for Future Women Leaders

HBS Bulletin - Apr 5

During a two-day celebration of the 50th anniversary of women being admitted to HBS's MBA program, Dean Nitin Nohria announced the endowment of the Women's Student Association Fellowship by the HBS Women's Student Association (WSA). The WSA is the first student organization at HBS to endow a fellowship. Read More >

Japan's Answer to Jeff Bezos Sets Sights on Amazon, America

HBS Bulletin - Apr 5

Hiroshi Mikitani's Rakuten now handles more than one-quarter of all e-commerce business in Japan—more than twice as much as Amazon's share in the country. Now in more than a dozen countries, the multi-billion dollar company has expanded from shopping into a range of services, from travel to banking to e-readers. Read More >

Male HBS Alumni Still More Likely to Work Full-time, Study Finds

HBS Bulletin - Apr 5

It turns out that even among graduates from elite institutions like Harvard Business School, a woman's role is still more often in the home than those of her male classmates. Robin J. Ely, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, presented her study on Crimson alumnae at a two-day 50th anniversary celebration of women's inclusion at Harvard Business School. Read More >

Need A Business Loan? Impress The Algorithm, Not The Loan Officer

HBS Bulletin - Apr 5

Noah Breslow's On Deck Capital will dole out $400 million in small business loans this year, all without without looking a single business owner in the eye. Read More >

Ex-Washington Governor Dies at 76

HBS Bulletin - Apr 1

Booth Gardner, a two-term governor of Washington whose diagnosis with Parkinson's disease after he left office helped motivate him to lead a successful voter initiative to allow physician-assisted suicide, died on Friday at his home in Tacoma. Read More >

Facebook's other first lady

HBS Bulletin - Apr 1

Facebook's global advertising chief, Carolyn Everson, just might be the most influential woman in London's internet industry. Some will say that's not entirely surprising since there is an acute shortage of women in senior positions in technology, especially in Britain. It is something that Everson, a 41-year-old American, has noticed since she moved to London in December and she feels passionately about it. Read More >

How Twitter Got a Nigerian Online Store a Multi-Million Dollar Investment

HBS Bulletin - Apr 1

Sim Shagaya's, a Nigerian online shopping mall, secured a multi-million dollar investment from South African media giant Naspers, thanks in part to several tweets and blog posts touting Konga's good customer service. Read More >

New Japan Commerce Chief to Help Smaller Firms Move into Overseas Markets

HBS Bulletin - Apr 1

The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced the appointment of Akio Mimura, senior adviser of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp., as its next chairman, effective November. Read More >

Sheryl Sandberg: The HBR Interview

HBS Bulletin - Apr 1

An audio interview with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and author of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Read More >

The First Female Grads of Harvard Business School Led the Way for All of Us

HBS Bulletin - Apr 1

Fifty years since the first females graduated from Harvard Business School, Telegraph writer Emma Sinclair talks to some of them about how they helped change our lives for good—making it "the norm" in developed societies to have female graduates and leaders. Read More >

Andre Esteves Speaks at Latin American Conference at Harvard Business School

HBS Bulletin - Mar 13

Andre Esteves, co-founder and CEO of Brazil-based BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America, spoke at a conference on Latin America held at HBS. Read More >

Private firms playing major role against cyberattacks

HBS Bulletin - Mar 13

When Kevin Mandia, a retired military cybercrime investigator, decided to expose China as a primary threat to US computer networks, he didn't have to consult with American diplomats in Beijing or declassify tactics to safely reveal government secrets. He pulled together a 76-page report based on seven years of his company's work and produced the most detailed public account yet of how, he says, the Chinese government has been rummaging through the networks of major US companies. Read More >

McGee steps down from HBO, joins HBS faculty

HBS Bulletin - Mar 5

In a surprise announcement, HBO home entertainment president Henry McGee is stepping down from the post he's held for 18 years to become a full-time faculty member at Harvard Business School, beginning in the fall. Read More >

Young entrepreneurs sell Pushpins app to retail giant

HBS Bulletin - Mar 5

Entrepreneurs Peter Michailidis and Jason Gurwin have sold Pushpins to retail giant Performance Marketing Brands. Pushpins is an innovative take on coupons co-created by Michailidis and Gurwin in 2009 while students at the Harvard Business School. Read More >

Boston-area Nonprofits Receive $2.25 Million in MacArthur Grants

HBS Bulletin - Mar 1

Professor David Moss is among the leaders of two Boston-area nonprofits that have received a combined $2.25 million in grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to support their work in affordable housing and public policy research. Read More >

Sir Martin Sorrell on What's Next

HBS Bulletin - Mar 1

For two decades, Sorrell has helmed WPP, a global advertising empire that employs 162,000 people in 3,000 offices in 110 countries. Three days after one of advertising's annual rites — the Super Bowl — Sorrell sat down with HBR's editor in chief, Adi Ignatius, to talk about the future of advertising, balancing science and art, and why he thinks Facebook and Twitter aren't really advertising media. Read More >

Among millions, a blank slate

HBS Bulletin - Feb 26

The Kumbh Mela — an instant megacity constructed every 12 years in Allahabad, India to accommodate 80 million Hindu pilgrims over six weeks — is perhaps an obvious draw for Harvard researchers in public health and urban planning. But HBS faculty and doctoral students also descended on the tent city in January. Led by Professor Tarun Khanna, a group of professors from Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia came to study the development of networks and supply and demand issues. Read More >

Thanking Veterans Online

HBS Bulletin - Feb 20

Iraq veteran Blake Hall (MBA 2010) created a digital, military ID card that lets companies say thank you to veterans through online perks. Read More >

Everything but the Cook

HBS Bulletin - Feb 19

Nick Taranto thinks you should cook your own dinner tonight. He even thinks you might pay him for the privilege. Read More >

Sam Adams: Now (finally) in a can

HBS Bulletin - Feb 19

For decades, Boston Beer Company founder Jim Koch snubbed aluminum containers because of the metallic flavor they impart to liquid. His resolve cost the Boston-based brewer pf Samuel Adams beer millions of dollars in potential revenue from airlines and sports arenas, a price Koch said he paid to preserve the quality of a brew whose tagline until recently was: "Take pride in your beer." But two springs ago, Koch decided to take another look at the market, and ultimately, create his own can. Read More >

SBA Administrator Karen Mills stepping down

HBS Bulletin - Feb 12

Karen Mills is leaving the Small Business Administration after nearly four years of leading the agency. Mills announced her decision in a letter to SBA employees, which thanked them for their role "to help America's entrepreneurs and small business owners during this critical juncture in our nation's history." Read More >

Breyer elected to Harvard Corporation

HBS Bulletin - Feb 4

James W. Breyer, a leading venture capitalist known for his expertise in innovative technology and media, will join the President and Fellows of Harvard College (the Harvard Corporation) as of July 1, 2013, the University announced today. A 1987 graduate of Harvard Business School, Breyer is a partner at Accel Partners, a venture capital firm with offices in Palo Alto, New York, London, China, and India. Read More >

Growth Strategy Has Double Bottom Line

HBS Bulletin - Feb 1

David Hoffer (MBA 1995) and Jim Hourdequin (MBA 2005) cultivate a double bottom line at Lyme Timber. Read More >

A CFO Questions Business Values

HBS Bulletin - Feb 1

During the three years Barry Rowan served as CFO and treasurer of Nextel Partners, the company's market capitalization grew from $2 billion to more than $9 billion. In June 2006, telecommunications giant Sprint bought it for $10 billion, becoming Sprint Nextel. One could safely say that during his time at Nextel, he helped create a ton of shareholder value. However, reflecting on that period in his life, Rowan says, "Creating shareholder value was not getting me out of bed in the morning." Read More >

A Generation Gap? Not on This Web Site

HBS Bulletin - Feb 1

Young, stylish women may spend thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars trolling the Web at sites like Shopbop, Net-a-Porter and Rue La La. But what about their mothers? Brands like Eileen Fisher and Talbots have Web sites that market to older shoppers, but they sell only their own lines, which generally feature conservative styles. Department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue use e-mail to target specific audiences, but older shoppers still must sift through clothes and accessories for all ages. To Halsey ...

Bloomberg's Washington footprint explodes

HBS Bulletin - Feb 1

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has expanded his Washington footprint dramatically over the past two years, using his enormous clout and seasoned lobbying hands to push a nexus of issues that the White House and Congress are just beginning to address. From guns to gay marriage to immigration to infrastructure Bloomberg's presence in Washington has grown exponentially since 2011. Read More >

Ex-Pimco CEO is an engine for charity

HBS Bulletin - Feb 1

Bill Thompson admits it's not always easy being an ex-CEO. Afgter walking away from the corner office at investment powerhouse Pimco in 2009, he has developed a passion for charity. But Thompson has found it can be tricky finding the right place for the right cause at the right time. It's a job than can be best suited for ... a retired top executive. Read More >

The Importance of Being Finished

HBS Bulletin - Feb 1

How does one eat a banana gracefully? With a knife and fork, slicing it into thin slivers — of course! At least that is what we are told during a three-hour etiquette training course held in one of Beijing's priciest hotels. Leading the class was the Hong Kong-native Sara Jane Ho. She is a product of Institut Villa Pierrefeu, Switzerland's last traditional finishing school, where a six-week course covering skills including flower arranging, hostessing and table-setting costs around $20,000. Now Ho is ...

From Wall Street to Visual Art

HBS Bulletin - Jan 10

Following a friend's death, Sigal Bussel (MBA 2003) decided to change focus. "I felt that I could make a difference through art." Read More >

Not Just Another Web 2.0 Company, Yelp Basks In Its Star Power

HBS Bulletin - Jan 10

In the fractured and fractious world of local advertising—and in the stock market—Jeremy Stoppelman and Yelp are shooting for the... you know. Read More >

Weighing NYC Mayoral Bid, and Shaking Up the Race

HBS Bulletin - Dec 21

He has never run for public office. His party's registered voters are outnumbered by more than six to one. He has most recently been in charge of mollifying the grouchiest of constituencies, New York City subway riders, while also raising their fares. Yet when Joseph J. Lhota, a Republican, announced on Wednesday that he would resign as chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and explore a run for mayor, the race to succeed Michael R. Bloomberg seemed to enter a new phase. Read More >

Behind the Concert for Sandy Relief: The Robin Hood Foundation

HBS Bulletin - Dec 21

When the world's biggest stars converged on stage at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, they were raising money for superstorm Sandy victims in the New York area. The money goes directly to the Robin Hood Foundation, a not-for-profit group that helps those most in need in New York City. Before the big event, the charity's president and COO, Deborah Winshel, talks about the event and the goals of the foundation. Read More >

Kathy Giusti's Quest for a Cure

HBS Bulletin - Dec 21

In this video interview, Giusti talks candidly to Moira Forbes about the moment she learned she has a rare form of cancer and what drove her to launch the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Read More >

Rethinking the Walls

HBS Bulletin - Dec 21

As a law student, Gerald W. Schwartz became acquainted with a senior partner at a law firm who had built a collection of Impressionist paintings. When Schwartz saw them, he "got the bug" - making his own first acquisition, for $300, and then pursuing his passion in personal collections at his homes and in the "tons" of artworks he has acquired to display at his company. He loved his HBS experience, and was a regular donor, but found that he wished to have a specific, focused impact on the institution. In ...

Start-up travel site offers a Peek at hidden gems

HBS Bulletin - Dec 21

When Ruzwana Bashir traveled to Istanbul a few years back, she created an Excel file of everything she planned to do on the trip with her friends there, down to their phone numbers and addresses. Her friends loved her planning so much it became the template for all their travels. The response was so great, she says, that she thought, "Hang on, why don't I start a website where I can take tips from my friends and use them when I'm traveling?" Read More >

A Good Mentor Never Tramples on Big Dreams

HBS Bulletin - Dec 11

Tony Tjan, chief executive and a founder of Cue Ball, a venture capital firm in Boston, suggests waiting 24 seconds, 24 minutes, then 24 hours before criticizing a new idea. Read More >

Anti-Defamation League Awards Highest Honor to Jonathan Lavine

HBS Bulletin - Dec 11

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has announced it will honor extraordinary business leader and philanthropist Jonathan Lavine with its 2012 Distinguished Community Service Award, the highest honor bestowed by ADL in New England. Read More >

New Thinking on Healthcare Reform

HBS Bulletin - Dec 11

HBS heavy-hitters Clay Christensen and Michael Porter closed out a recent conference organized by HBS and Harvard Medical School. Held on the HBS campus November 14 and 15, "Healing Ourselves: Addressing Healthcare's Innovation Challenge" brought together some of the industry's top practitioners and leading thinkers to wrestle with the Gordian knot of healthcare reform. The approach to reforming healthcare has been "hung up in static rather than dynamic thinking," said Christensen, who moderated a panel on ...

Anti-Defamation League Awards Highest Honor to Jonathan Lavine

HBS Bulletin - Dec 3

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has announced it will honor extraordinary business leader and philanthropist Jonathan Lavine with its 2012 Distinguished Community Service Award, the highest honor bestowed by ADL in New England. Read More >

The Beauty of the Network

HBS Bulletin - Nov 27

Industry veteran and entrepreneur Patti Pao (MBA 1987) on Restorsea, an innovative skin care line developed with the help of HBS friends. Read More >

Aussie start-up Tiggly guns for $200,000 US fundraise

HBS Bulletin - Nov 15

Tiggly, an iPad-inspired start-up, has launched a fundraising push in the US, including a listing on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, in a bid to secure $200,000. Tiggly, founded by Phyl Georgiou and Steve Miller, has developed a toy called Tiggly Shapes, a set of plastic shapes that can be identified by an iPad. Georgiou and Miller, who met at Harvard Business School, want to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds for children by introducing a classic toy to the iPad. Read More >

Remembering His Roots

HBS Bulletin - Nov 14

As a child, Martin Curiel (MBA 2004) was an itinerant West Coast fruit picker. Now he helps young farmworkers rise above their circumstances. Read More >

Boston Veterans Launch Military Social Network

HBS Bulletin - Nov 13

It was only after Aaron Kletzing and Yinon Weiss met at Harvard Business School that they realized they'd served together. Now, the two retired officers are using their HBS training to help military personnel and veterans stay connected. Read More >

Noted Business Historian Dies at 72

HBS Bulletin - Nov 13

Thomas K. McCraw, Sr., a renowned and much honored Harvard Business School historian, teacher, and author, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1985 for his book Prophets of Regulation and who played an important role in making business history more influential and accessible in the broader fields of history and management, died on Nov. 3. Read More >

E Ink Founder's Startup Goal: Power The World With Efficient Nuclear Power

HBS Bulletin - Nov 2

Russell Wilcox has helped change the way we read. Now he wants to change the way we produce nuclear power. Wilcox co-founded E Ink, the company that created and built the screens in e-readers such as Kindles and Nooks. Now he's taken the helm of another start-up out of MIT. The goal? To make a new kind of safe and efficient nuclear reactor that could run on nuclear waste. Read More >

Ford's Mark Fields promoted, could become CEO

HBS Bulletin - Nov 2

Ford's leaders have watched Mark Fields, a brash Harvard MBA, turn the company's North American business into a profit machine. Now they're eyeing him for CEO. Fields, 51, was named chief operating officer Thursday, a sign the board favors him for the top job when CEO Alan Mulally eventually retires. Mulally, 67, plans to stay at least through 2014, a decision that reassured Wall Street. Read More >

First and Goal

HBS Bulletin - Nov 1

A former big-time college football player, Julian Swearengin (MBA 2003) finds the game continues to teach life lessons. Read More >

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota: 'Damage to NY subways is devastating'

HBS Bulletin - Oct 31

MTA chairman Joseph J. Lhota said the damage to the New York City subway system is "devastating." He called the city subway system "very dynamic, very robust," and said there are plans to try and bring back the system in "part" if not all at once. Read More >

Private equity guru's mission to show big business can do altruism

HBS Bulletin - Oct 29

One of Britain's best known private equity bosses and once voted Britain's most powerful black male, the founder partner of Permira has launched Social Business Trust, dedicated to backing social enterprises and turning them into sustainable companies. Read More >

How 'luck' can be used to enhance success

HBS Bulletin - Oct 24

In his latest piece of non-fiction, "The Click Moment," author Frans Johansson obliterates the idea that success comes from analysis or planning or strategy, and suggests that it has much more to do with serendipity or randomness than we'd like to believe. Read More >

Past and Present

HBS Bulletin - Oct 19

Tim Sullivan's (MBA 1991) helps families trace their genealogical roots and encounter their personal histories. Read More >

Roth Earns Nobel for Matching Theory

HBS Bulletin - Oct 17

HBS Professor Alvin Roth and UCLA Professor Lloyd Shapley have won the Nobel Prize for Economics for their work on market design and matching theory, which relate to how people and companies find and select one another in everything from marriage to school choice to jobs to organ donations. Read More >

Answering the Doctor's Call

HBS Bulletin - Oct 11

After a successful business career, medical student Bill Downing (MBA 1995) is working toward the goal he aspired to as a child. Read More >

J&J's CEO During Tylenol Crisis Dies at 87

HBS Bulletin - Oct 3

James E. Burke, the former Johnson & Johnson chief executive officer whose leadership during the Tylenol poisoning scare became a model for corporate crisis management, died on Sept. 28. Read More >

Green Pioneer

HBS Bulletin - Oct 2

With his Envision rating system, Paul Zofnass (MBA 1973) sets sustainability guidelines for large infrastructure projects. Read More >

The man who laid the foundation for DU's big moment

HBS Bulletin - Oct 2

As the University of Denver prepares to host the first 2012 presidential debate this week, its former chancellor is being credited with laying the foundation for the school's big TV moment, along with elevating DU to a nationally respected institution that draws an international student body and top academics to a compact jewel box of a campus in south Denver. Read More >

Wells, Mathews elected to Harvard Corporation

HBS Bulletin - Sep 25

Theodore V. Wells, Jr., one of the nation's leading trial lawyers, and Jessica Tuchman Mathews, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, have been elected to become the newest members of the Harvard Corporation. Read More >

On a Sound Track

HBS Bulletin - Sep 19

It takes a special kind of CEO to run a company that thrives on cool.... Just ask Jeremy Andrus (MBA 2002), head of Skullcandy. Read More >

Former premier's death stirs emotions of Canadians

HBS Bulletin - Sep 14

Condolences are pouring in from across Canada following the news that Alberta's former premier Peter Lougheed died Thursday evening. Lougheed, 84, is being remembered as a man who left an indelible mark on Alberta and the country. Read More >

A tale of technology and the written word

HBS Bulletin - Sep 7

While shortages of water, food and medicine in sub-Saharan Africa have long attracted the attention of foreign aid workers, a lack of books is not normally considered one of the most pressing matters in the region. Yet for David Risher, the surprise was that so little attention had been given to what he came to see as one of the most obvious problems that could be resolved through modern technology. Read More >

Fidelity Investments puts her in charge

HBS Bulletin - Sep 7

Fidelity Investments has named 50-year-old Abigail Johnson to the new position of president of financial services. She will oversee management of assets such as mutual funds, as well as Fidelity's brokerage business, retirement and benefits services, and other operations. Read More >

Fundraiser makes the most of time at convention

HBS Bulletin - Sep 7

Every Republican who has held the presidency or wanted it in the past four decades has known Fred Malek. Read More >


HBS Bulletin - Sep 7

Imran Amed (MBA 2002) hits the mark with his on-trend, clear-eyed view of a complex industry. Read More >

Composer finds mix of avocations a fine 'cocktail'

HBS Bulletin - Aug 30

As a boy taking piano lessons in Buenos Aires, Maximo Flugelman was happier improvising his own tunes than practicing the Haydn sonata assigned by his teacher. Read More >

41 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know

HBS Bulletin - Aug 13

How many HBS alumnae do you spot in Mashable's roundup of female founders? From LearnVest to Birchbox, these companies with HBS ties are changing the face of tech. Read More >

Quadriplegic sailor seeks Paralympic gold

HBS Bulletin - Aug 13

Paul Callahan remembers pulling away in a sailboat from Fort Adams State Park in Newport, RI for the first time many years ago, and seeing his wheelchair sitting empty on the dock. Read More >

A Novel Approach

HBS Bulletin - Aug 7

Section J Class Gift campaign cochairs Elizabeth Lyle and Emmanuel Coque add a dose of fun to fundraising. Read More >

HBS Faculty on Olympic Lessons

HBS Bulletin - Aug 7

Staging the Olympics is a Herculean task that requires years of preparation. With the Games of the XXX Olympiad off and running in London, three Harvard Business School professors offer their insights. Read More >

Social Media on Fire

HBS Bulletin - Aug 7

Kiwi entrepreneur Victoria Ransom has sold her social media start-up Wildfire Interactive to Google. Wildfire is Ransom's third successful start-up and has helped her win such accolades as Ernst & Young's New Zealand young entrepreneur of the year in 2011. Read More >

Program Connects Low-Income Grads with Jobs

HBS Bulletin - Aug 1

Gerald Chertavian talks to Charlie Rose and Gayle King about his story and his new book, A Year Up . A former software entrepreneur, Chertavian created a program that helps low-income high school graduates find good-paying jobs. Read More >

Lessons from Building a Business

HBS Bulletin - Jul 31

In his new book, Making a Difference , multi-millionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Owen Glenn details the lessons he learned from building a business, as well as a key lesson from Professor Marty Marshall at HBS. Read More >

An Avenue for Chasing Dreams

HBS Bulletin - Jul 27

After graduating in 1951, Arthur Rock went on to invest in Intel, Apple, and Teledyne. Later, those investments helped make possible a $25 million gift to HBS — the largest the School had ever seen. Today, the Rock Center for Entrepreneurship reflects Rock's belief that "the future...lies with new ventures." Read More >

Movie Magic

HBS Bulletin - Jul 25

At Redbox, Gregg Kaplan (MBA 1997) enjoys a seat at the forefront of “automated retail” innovation. Read More >

The Right Match

HBS Bulletin - Jul 25

On average, 542 people marry every day in the United States as a result of being matched on EHarmony. CEO Jeremy Verba says he was drawn by the relationship site's impact and calls it "technology serving a higher need." Read More >

A Story About Stephen Covey

HBS Bulletin - Jul 18

Recognized as one of America's 25 most influential individuals by Time magazine, Stephen R. Covey was the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , which has sold more than 10 million copies in 28 languages in 40 countries. Read More >

Modernizing the HBS Experience

HBS Bulletin - Jul 18

In the two years since he became dean, Nitin Nohria has overseen the completion of the innovation center, introduced international programs, and marshaled the HBS community — faculty, students, and alumni — into a comprehensive study of US competitiveness. He also launched a research program on cultural inclusion and expanded the school's collaboration with the rest of the university. Read More >

Remembering a Retail Leader

HBS Bulletin - Jul 12

Marvin Traub, the retailing impresario who transformed Bloomingdale's from a family department store into a trendsetting international showcase of style and showmanship, passed away. His legacy as one of the most creative retailers of his era lives on. Traub received HBS's Alumni Achievement Award in 2010. Read More >

A Hedge-Fund Manager With a Low Profile

HBS Bulletin - Jul 11

Hedge-fund bosses rarely double as cult authors, so why does an out-of-print book by Seth Klarman, the boss of the Baupost Group, sell for as much as $2,499 on Amazon? Perhaps because Baupost isn't a typical hedge fund. Read More >

A Man, and a Plan, in Africa

HBS Bulletin - Jul 11

Jonathan Bloom employs a business approach to development assistance in West Africa. Read More >

How Does the US Health Care Decision Affect Employers?

HBS Bulletin - Jun 28

"We need to move beyond politics and get on with trying to make the health care system work and make it cost-competitive," says Professor Bill George, addressing the US Supreme Court ruling and what companies must do to keep health care costs down. Read More >

Facebook Adds COO to Board as First Female Director

HBS Bulletin - Jun 26

In a statement, founder Mark Zuckerberg said, "Sheryl has been my partner in running Facebook. Her understanding of our mission and long-term opportunity, and her experience both at Facebook and on public company boards makes her a natural fit for our board." Read More >

At the i-lab, a New Use for Silk

HBS Bulletin - Jun 22

Vaxess Technologies, a company working to increase global access to vaccines through novel silk technology, has won the grand prize in the President's Challenge, a competition that looked to foster social entrepreneurship across Harvard. Read More >

New Funding for Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

HBS Bulletin - Jun 15

In a forum post, David Teten, founder and chair of the HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York, explains the organization's innovative partnership to provide women and diverse minority entrepreneurs with access to venture capital. Read More >

Starting Up in Brazil

HBS Bulletin - Jun 11, a winner in last year's Student Business Plan Contest, has grown to more than 100 employees in about six months, but Brazilian expansion has unique hurdles. To begin, there's a near 70 percent payroll tax. Read More >

Fellowship Funder

HBS Bulletin - Jun 6

To honor Professor Hank Reiling, Sam Mencoff (MBA 1981) established a fund to support HBS students. Read More >

Taxes and the Death of US Competitiveness

HBS Bulletin - Jun 6

In a survey on competitiveness, alumni universally say they would trade a lower tax rate for eliminating the many loopholes in the US tax code. Professor Michael Porter explains why that might be good policy. Read More >

HBS Alum Joins University Governing Board

HBS Bulletin - May 24

Paul Finnegan, co-CEO of a leading Chicago-based investment firm, has been elected to become the newest member of the Harvard Corporation. Finnegan's appointment, effective July 1, comes as the Corporation continues its expansion from seven to 13 members. Read More >

Where Venture Capital is Heading

HBS Bulletin - May 21

Michael Greeley shares highlights from a recent alumni conference on the state of the venture capital industry. Discussions ranged from international developments in Asia to how best to structure models of innovation to LP perspectives. Read More >

Finally Finding the Right Fit

HBS Bulletin - May 15

After stints in medicine and investment banking, Andrew Heffernan (MBA 2006) realized what he'd been missing. Read More >

The Value of a Business Degree

HBS Bulletin - May 15

As the chairman of Peters & Co. Limited, an investment firm specializing in oil and gas, Michael Tims is well established in the Canadian investment banking industry. Yet classroom memories of helping to "crack the case" have stayed with him. Read More >

Screen Saver

HBS Bulletin - May 8

Stephen Apkon (MBA 1986) envisioned a starring role for his town's abandoned movie theater. Read More >

Class Day Speaker Announced

HBS Bulletin - May 7

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, will address HBS graduates as Class Day speaker on May 23. An advocate for women leaders, Sandberg has drawn attention to work-life balance while overseeing Facebook's business operations. Read More >

How Will You Measure Your Life?

HBS Bulletin - May 7

Horace Dediu interviews his teacher Clay Christensen about his new book, as well as jobs to be done and approaches to self-disruption. The downloadable mp3 also covers what Christensen is working on next. Read More >

Best in Show

HBS Bulletin - May 1

To cheer up his classmates, Joe Parrish (MBA 1974) staged a little revue 38 years ago. The HBS Show has been wowing audiences ever since. Read More >

Fantasy Football for Politics Junkies

HBS Bulletin - Apr 27

Fantasy Politics is a new site that combines fantasy football and politics. According to CEO Aaron Michel, "It all started with a really bad idea." Read More >

New Venture Winner an Undercover Success

HBS Bulletin - Apr 25

Angela Newnam (MBA 1996) may not have set out to be an entrepreneur--yet the company she founded, Knock out!, was named winner of the Alumni New Venture Contest and its $50,000 grand prize at an April awards ceremony at HBS. Read More >

Start-ups Honored for Game-Changing Ideas

HBS Bulletin - Apr 25

Two organizations created by HBS alumni are honored for game-changing ideas in diabetes management and social sector impact. Read More >

Business Hall Honors HBS Alum

HBS Bulletin - Apr 20

Carol Stephenson, the dean of the Richard Ivey School of Business, will be inducted into the London Business Hall of Fame in October. Stephenson is the second woman to be named to the hall and the first laureate from the academic community. Read More >

The CFO as a Game Player

HBS Bulletin - Apr 18

One month into a new job at Activision Blizzard, CFO Dennis Durkin says he's fortunate to be in "one of the most fun businesses there is." While his company owns some of the world's most popular game franchises, including World of Warcraft and Guitar Hero, the industry itself has a special culture. Read More >

A Military Cornerstone

HBS Bulletin - Apr 13

After a 32-year career in the Army, David Melcher joined what is now ITT Exelis. He tells the New York Times that early coaching and mentoring have played a major role in developing leadership among employees and setting company goals. Read More >

HBS Welcomes Eleven Alumni Startups

HBS Bulletin - Apr 13

With more than a 40 percent increase in Alumni New Venture Contest entries this year, 11 finalists overcame stiff competition to win regional contests around the world. Read More >

A Winning Formula

HBS Bulletin - Apr 10

For management consultant Dave Ramos (MBA 1989), "Life is too short to work in a dysfunctional organization." Read More >

Rethinking Women's Clothing Sizes

HBS Bulletin - Apr 10

Men buy suits based on inseam and waist size and have jackets tailored to fit. Women buy suits based on standards created in the 1940s, and are rarely offered tailoring as part of the sale. With Quincy Apparel, Christina Wallace and Alex Nelson are out to redefine women's professional wear. Read More >

Just Compensation

HBS Bulletin - Apr 4

Executive pay consultant Robin Ferracone (MBA 1980) puts business's stars in alignment. Read More >

The Portrait Project Turns Ten

HBS Bulletin - Apr 4

For ten years, Tony Deifell (MBA 2002) has returned to HBS each spring to photograph graduating students. To celebrate the milestone, we turned the camera on the creative force behind the Portrait Project . Join us for a behind-the-scenes look, and check back next month to see how 32 students answer the question: "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Credit: Susan Young

The Technology Behind Color Correction

HBS Bulletin - Apr 3

Photography was engrained in Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. from an early age, thanks to his father, a professional photographer. And it still is. But, he's also loved electronics, and his career has combined the two--earning recognition from the Smithsonian Institution and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Read More >

One School at a Time

HBS Bulletin - Mar 27

Kim Frock's (MBA 1987) Alternative School for Math and Science could be a model for other schools. Read More >

O'Donnells donate $30 million to Harvard

HBS Bulletin - Mar 21

In an endorsement of Harvard University's "superb leadership," Joe and Kathy O'Donnell gave $30 million to the University. "Harvard has played a very important role in my life," said O'Donnell a Harvard college and HBS grad. Read More >

Fashion Tech Startups Emerge from HBS

HBS Bulletin - Mar 20

Gilt Groupe. Rent the Runway. Birchbox. FashionStake. BaubleBar. And that's not even the half of it. Beyond working at the intersection of fashion and Internet tech, these companies have the common thread of founders with degrees from HBS. Read More >

Robotics Warehouse Company Now Part of Amazon

HBS Bulletin - Mar 20

First, acquired and, two customers of Mountz's warehouse robotics firm, Kiva Systems. Now for $775M, Kiva has joined them. More on Mountz and Kiva in the March Bulletin. Read More >

The Key to Getting into HBS

HBS Bulletin - Mar 2

Only 12% of applicants made it into Harvard Business School last year. Dee Leopold, the head of admissions, explains how HBS makes decisions and what really stands out in a B-school application. Read More >

Always a Boy Scout

HBS Bulletin - Feb 23

In his professional life, Richard Davies is managing director for defined contribution, Americas Institutional, at Russell Investments. But it was the Boy Scouts of America that convinced him to pursue a career in business, and today, he's the top volunteer for scouting in Manhattan. Read More >

Sustainability Is Good Business

HBS Bulletin - Feb 21

The recent uproar over the Sierra Club’s acceptance of $26 million in undisclosed donations from an energy company prompted some environmentalists to warn against “sleeping with the enemy.” This sort of us-against-them rhetoric is all too common when it comes to business and the environment. Yet, one of the country’s leading defenders of the natural world aggressively seeks out partnerships with major corporations to advance their mutual interests. Speaking to a student audience ...

Cost-Saving Measures

HBS Bulletin - Feb 14

With budget cuts looming, DC agencies are turning to outside consultants for ways to save. "We've been looking at the long haul, but we're seeing an increasing demand for what we can do this year," noted Jeffrey Voth, who works with program managers to review spending decisions. Read More >

Entrepreneurial Influence

HBS Bulletin - Feb 9

When Scott Brenton became chief operating officer of Angie's List 12 years ago, the company had 6 employees and he was a sort of jack-of-all trades. Today, with 750 employees, he focuses on how the company collects, polishes and distributes information. Read More >

Charlotte Club Donates to Nonprofits

HBS Bulletin - Feb 2

The Harvard Business Club of Charlotte has donated $51,000 to area charities, part of a surplus from a recent educational program. The record annual total brings the club's charitable contributions to $250,000 over the past nine years. Read More >

Not Your Average Road Trip

HBS Bulletin - Feb 2

Until recently, January usually meant one thing at Harvard Business School: a frenzy of summer internship interviews known affectionately as "Hell Week." This year, students fanned out across the globe as part of the new FIELD course. Read More >

Early-Stage Incubator Launches at Harvard

HBS Bulletin - Jan 29

Patrick Chung and Harry Weller have helped co-found the Experiment Fund, a new early-stage seed fund backed by New Enterprise Associates, one of the world's largest venture capital firms. The fund will support entrepreneurs across Harvard. Read More >

Shopping Around

HBS Bulletin - Jan 29

Developer Julia Calabrese (OPM 22, 1995) builds designer shopping outlets in Europe and the UK. Read More >

Is Tax Reform Viable?

HBS Bulletin - Jan 25

With the so-called Buffet Rule in the news, investor Dal LaMagna (MBA 1970) ponders taxes and the 99 Percent. Read More >

The Power of Mentoring

HBS Bulletin - Jan 24

In his HBS application, Gerald Chertavian outlined his vision for a program to support low-income, at-risk youth. In 2000, his idea became a reality with the launch of Year Up. Read More >

Survey Reveals Depths of US Competitiveness Problem

HBS Bulletin - Jan 18

HBS alumni overwhelmingly believe that the US is losing its competitive edge in the global economy, according to survey results revealed today at a press conference in the nation's capital. Read More >

Charter Supporter

HBS Bulletin - Jan 18

Mary Burke (MBA 1985) works to provide kids with a vision, motivation, and educational opportunity. Read More >

A Walk on the Wild Side

HBS Bulletin - Jan 10

Entrepreneur Zhang Mei has been able to turn her favorite hobby, exploring the wilder and more remote parts of China, into a thriving business. Read More >

The Tender Taxman

HBS Bulletin - Jan 10

Robert Burke offered colleagues an unexpected reason to support his plan for a nonprofit tax assistance program: "We'll be better business professionals if we know how to interact with a completely different demographic than ourselves." Read More >

Where Are They Now?

HBS Bulletin - Jan 6

Krishna Mahesh (MBA 2005), the winner of the 2010 Alumni New Venture Contest, opens his first factory. Read More >

Ten Questions

HBS Bulletin - Jan 6

Linda Duncombe, the director for customer experience, digital banking, and marketing at Citibank in Australia, reflects on her experience in HBS's Advanced Management Program--including an unexpected exercise in creative thinking. Read More >

A Season of Thanks

HBS Bulletin - Dec 22

Our continued success as an institution would not be possible without the help of engaged alumni and friends. The 2010-2011 Contributors Report celebrates the more than 12,000 alumni whose support enabled HBS to fulfill the its mission last year. Read More >

An Eye for Investments and an Ear for Bluegrass

HBS Bulletin - Dec 22

A private-equity pioneer, Warren Hellman was the youngest partner in the history of Lehman Brothers. Outside finance, he was better known as the banjo-strumming founder of San Francisco's annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. Read More >

Inside the Planning of a New Course

HBS Bulletin - Dec 21

Next month, some 152 six-student teams of HBS MBAs will board airplanes bound for a dozen far-flung cities in 10 countries. Once there, they'll hook up with one of 140 organizations to create a new product or service for a developing market. This mass migration is a key part of the new FIELD course for first-year students. Read More >

A Texan in Tokyo

HBS Bulletin - Dec 16

Craig White is an engineer by trade but deep down, it's his love of cooking beef that gets this Texan going. He's found a new career as owner and pit master of Tokyo's first traditional Texas smokehouse. Read More >

An HBS gift guide

HBS Bulletin - Dec 15

Wondering what to get the HBSer in your life this year? In the holiday spirit, we're highlighting a few alumni-led companies and ideas that you may not know about. Since roughly 1 in 6 alumni work in manufacturing, high tech, retail, and consumer products, there are many great alumni-led companies working to support our economies. Click on the images below to learn about a few, then help us complete our list by using the comments to recommend other inspired alumni ideas. Guilt-free holiday jewels Open the ...

Carry It On

HBS Bulletin - Dec 13

The GI Bill helped Bob Glassman (MBA '69) attend HBS; a fellowship he established has done the same for dozens of HBS students. Read More >

What Motivates Tomorrow's Leaders

HBS Bulletin - Dec 13

Harvard Business Publishing discusses the rising generation of leaders with John Coleman, coauthor of the new book Passion and Purpose , and contributors Patrick Chun, Umaimah Mendhro, and Rye Barcott. Read More >

Doing Well By Doing Good

HBS Bulletin - Dec 13

Fewer than 5% of graduates from many top business schools take jobs in nonprofit organizations right out of school. But the numbers don't tell the whole story. Alla Jezmir, for one, feels she is serving a social purpose, even if her job title doesn't say so. Read More >

HBS Launches US Competitiveness Project

HBS Bulletin - Dec 13

HBS unveils a comprehensive effort to foster ideas and promote action from business leaders in wake of an on-campus CEO summit. Read More >

A Solution for the Euro Crisis

HBS Bulletin - Dec 7

European ministers and central bankers are preparing for a summit this week to save the euro and the euro zone by solving the debt crisis that threatens the world economy. According to HBS's Dante Roscini, a former investment banker, failure is not an option. Read More >

Up the Learning Curve

HBS Bulletin - Dec 2

Ashish Dhawan, the founder of private equity firm ChrysCapital, is already planning to launch himself into a new obsession: fixing the education system in India. One source of inspiration is the track record of US charter schools. Read More >

How I Got My Start

HBS Bulletin - Nov 30

Michael Bloomberg made billions running the financial information company bearing his name. But it might never have happened if he hadn't been fired from Wall Street during the early days of his career. The Mayor and Bloomberg LP founder shares his story with host Chris Dixon (MBA '03). Read More >

Manufacturing a Recovery

HBS Bulletin - Nov 23

As the new leader of the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Buckley Brinkman helps 9,000 mid-sized manufacturers plan for "Next Generation Manufacturing." By his group's calculation, the manufacturers they support contribute $47 billion to the state's economy and employ some 448,000 people. Read More >

A Storybook Beginning

HBS Bulletin - Nov 22

Thanks to David Risher (MBA '91) and e-readers, kids in the developing world are reading books they never would otherwise. Read More >

Memories of a Renowned Banking Expert

HBS Bulletin - Nov 22

Professor Emeritus Charles M. Williams, a renowned authority on commercial banking and a master of the art of case method teaching who influenced the lives and careers of thousands of MBA students and executives around the world, passed away on Nov. 17. More than two dozen of his students went on to join the HBS faculty. Read More >

Mobile Gaming is a Big Play

HBS Bulletin - Nov 21

After graduation, Aadil Mamujee made an out-of-the-box career choice: He signed up with a small, San Francisco gaming start-up best known for "Tap Pet Hotel," an iPhone videogame that lets users build hotel rooms for animated puppies and pandas. Read why he thinks mobile-phone gaming is the next frontier. Read More >

A Gift to Honor Professor Arthur Segel

HBS Bulletin - Nov 18

Siddhartha Yog, founder of The Xander Group Inc., has given Harvard $11,000,001 to establish two professorships, financial aid, and an intellectual entrepreneurship fund. Yog comments, "I am certain that the beneficiaries of this gift will be remarkable individuals who will bring positive and sustainable change to our world." Read More >

A Tradition Continues in Malaysia

HBS Bulletin - Nov 16

Members of the HBS Club of Malaysia recently gathered for a sixth biennial reunion. Attendees included 30 members of OPM 28 and hailed from 12 countries. Host Datuk Kuna Sittampalam noted that previous gatherings have been held in India, Argentina, Turkey, Australia, and the US. Read More >

Are Humans Cost-Effective?

HBS Bulletin - Nov 16

On Halloween, before a raucous audience in Burden Hall, Watson , the IBM game-playing computer, took on student teams from HBS and MIT in a friendly game of Jeopardy ! During the match, a slimmed-down, traveling version of Watson showed off its impressive brainpower and comprehension of informal English. But it needed all synapses firing to fend off the flesh-and-blood HBS team (MIT finished a distant third). Named after IBM patriarch Thomas J. Watson, this Watson is endowed with a canned male voice that ...


HBS Bulletin - Nov 15

Andrew Main Wilson is nearing his goal: to photograph 1,000 of the world's wonders. Read More >

Pinstripe Greens

HBS Bulletin - Nov 14

Eventually, Michael Liebreich says, "the world is going to go entirely to clean energy." And, in his role as head of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, there is a lot of money betting he is right. Read More >

Number One in Mobile Communications

HBS Bulletin - Nov 9

Sureyya Ciliv, CEO of Turkcell, discusses Turkey's booming economy and the future of technology in the region. According to one recent study, the country has become number one in mobile network coverage with 99.7 percent of the population served. Read More >

Saluting Our HBS Veterans

HBS Bulletin - Nov 8

Blake Hall (right): An online market for military personnel. Photo by Tony Overman Related links Learn how alumni apply military experience to leadership in nonprofits, industry, education, and more. Maura Sullivan (MBA ’09), PepsiCo Robert Goodwin (GMP 3, 2007), Executives Without Borders Blake Hall (MBA ’10), TroopSwap Nicholas Pinchuk (MBA ’76), Snap-on Ed Ellison (MBA ’91), St. Johns Country Day School Veterans Day, celebrated on November 11 in the United States, is a reminder ...

In Memory of a Renowned Sociologist

HBS Bulletin - Nov 4

Paul Lawrence, a long-time HBS faculty member and influential scholar, passed away on November 1. In addition to 18 consecutive years leading first-year MBA classes, Lawrence is remembered as chair of the MBA Program, the Advanced Management Program, and head of the Organizational Behavior Unit. Read More >

Lessons From a Kenyan Slum

HBS Bulletin - Nov 1

As a joint degree student at HBS, Rye Barcott led nonprofit outreach in Kibera, Africa's largest informal urban settlement. An HBS case, revised last year and being taught on November 9, documents the slum's fragile economy. Read More >

Business on the Cloud

HBS Bulletin - Oct 27

Laura Yecies, SugarSync CEO, speaks with Shibani Joshi on how small businesses can use the cloud to their advantage, and why today is a good time to start a business. Read More >

Who Will Replace Knowledge Workers?

HBS Bulletin - Oct 27

Rich Lesser, chairman of North and South America at Boston Consulting Group, discusses coming shifts in the employment landscape, brought on by continuing revolutions in technology. Read More >

On Top, Down Under

HBS Bulletin - Oct 26

To achieve peak performance, real estate executive Mark Fookes (AMP 178, 2010) steps outside his comfort zone. Read More >

New Business Ideas for the U.S. Postal Service

HBS Bulletin - Oct 20

Ron Bloom, who helped restructure the automotive industry and served as President Obama's top manufacturing adviser, will advise the National Association of Letter Carriers in negotiating a new deal with the cash-strapped Postal Service. Read More >

What Job Do You Hire Your Phone to Do?

HBS Bulletin - Oct 19

James Allworth, a Fellow at HBS's Forum for Growth and Innovation, predicts that the new iPhone's voice-control software is going to have a big impact. Will Siri fundamentally change our relationship with computers? Read More >

A Good Look

HBS Bulletin - Oct 19

In Kerty Levy's (MBA ’97) beauty-products division, science makes sure that "natural" also means "safe." Read More >

Potential for Mass Customization

HBS Bulletin - Oct 13

Are basic consumer and business documents the next field ripe for mass customization? LegalZoom, a 10-year-old internet startup, thinks so, and a lot of smart venture money around Menlo Park agrees. Read More >

Management Consultant to Minority Businesses

HBS Bulletin - Oct 11

After climbing the corporate ladder at Monsanto for 25 years, David Price made the transition to entrepreneurship. One of the most rewarding aspects, he reports, is working with small businesses, primarily minority- and women-owned businesses. Read More >

Tea’s Time

HBS Bulletin - Oct 7

Leigh Rawdon (MBA ’01) on her start-up clothing line, Tea: “There is nothing like getting that first order and realizing this is not just an idea anymore.” Read More >

New Study Taps Alumni Expertise

HBS Bulletin - Oct 5

Professors Michael Porter and Jan Rivkin need your opinion. As part of a new project on competitiveness, they are reaching out to alumni, the business community, and other stakeholders. Check your inbox for an invitation to participate in the project’s launch survey. Research will be featured in a special spring 2012 issue of the Harvard Business Review and inform long-term efforts at the School. Read More >

Henderson Named University Professor

HBS Bulletin - Sep 30

HBS Professor Rebecca Henderson was granted Harvard University's highest faculty honor earlier this week. Henderson, whose work focuses on the financial impact of sustainability, becomes the John and Natty McArthur University Professor, a chair established in honor of the former HBS dean and his wife. Read More >

Parks and Re-creation

HBS Bulletin - Sep 28

In New York City, public-private partnerships have rescued the city's green spaces. Dan Biederman is behind the transformation of Bryant Park, located on eight acres behind the Public Library. The park that once logged 500 felonies per year is now a multimillion-dollar business (and runs like one). Read More >

Guiding Harley-Davidson

HBS Bulletin - Sep 23

Anoop Prakash, the managing director of Harley-Davidson India, reflects on lessons from his service as a US Marine, and the next step for the iconic bike maker in the country. Read More >

Live from HBS

HBS Bulletin - Sep 20

Watch the Dean's reunion address live on Friday! All HBS alumni are invited to join us on Friday, September 23, from 8:45 - 9:45 am EDT, for Dean Nitin Nohria's first live broadcast to the alumni community. Visit the alumni homepage on Friday morning to view the Dean's remarks about HBS today. Missed the broadcast? Check back Tuesday to view it on video. Read More >

A Taxing Question

HBS Bulletin - Sep 20

The Obama administration reportedly is considering big changes in the broken system for taxing the foreign income of US corporations. US multinationals have piled up overseas cash holdings in excess of $1 trillion, according to some estimates. Under current law, income earned by foreign subsidiaries of US firms is supposed to be taxed at the corporate rate of 35 percent. But the law provides a huge loophole that allows companies to sidestep paying any tax on foreign profits as long as the money stays ...

Beneath Pinstripes, a Choir Robe

HBS Bulletin - Sep 16

Wall Street banks are not known as particularly religious workplaces. But Carla A. Harris, a managing director at Morgan Stanley and a part-time gospel singer, has found a way to blend profits with piety. Read More >

Do Happier People Work Harder?

HBS Bulletin - Sep 15

Professor Amabile, co-author of the new book The Progress Principle , argues that promoting employee engagement makes sound economic sense. For leaders, supporting everyday progress can be surprisingly easy and effective. Read More >

Ten Years Ago: HBS and 9/11

HBS Bulletin - Sep 9

As the world recalls the events of 9/11 this week, we are reminded of two articles from the Bulletin that offered contemporaneous accounts of that historic moment. Read how the School reacted to the tragedy and memorialized members of the HBS community who died on 9/11. And see the event through the eyes of Joseph J. Lhota (MBA '80), who was New York City's deputy mayor for operations at the time, and other HBS alumni in NYC working as volunteers to bring the city back.

A Blind Man Who Leads

HBS Bulletin - Sep 8

Jim Gibbons became the first blind man to earn an HBS MBA, in 1994. Today Gibbons is CEO of Goodwill and a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions. Providing job training to 2.4 million people a year, his organization aims to be part of the solution. Read More >

Lessons Learned from Skydeck

HBS Bulletin - Sep 8

As an RC in 2001, Tom Fishburne started out drawing a cartoon called "Skydeck" for The Harbus. Now his content has more than 100,000 followers and he makes his living drawing comics full-time. Read More >

2011 Alumni Achievement Awards

HBS Bulletin - Sep 4

Meet the five distinguished graduates who received the School's highest honor. Read More >

No Question of Her Accomplishments

HBS Bulletin - Aug 30

Mary Callahan Erdoes is the rare female comet in the male-dominated firmament of Wall Street. As chief executive of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, she runs the world's fifth-biggest asset management company, overseeing $1.3 trillion. Read More >

An Opportunity to Learn Something New

HBS Bulletin - Aug 25

After three decades marketing well-known brands, Cammie Dunaway left the world of Frito-Lay, Nintendo, and Yahoo in October 2010 to become U.S. president and chief marketing officer of KidZania, a theme park chain founded in Mexico City in 1999. Dunaway explains her career philosophy. Read More >

New Kid in School

HBS Bulletin - Aug 23

Headmaster or master of the universe? For Ed Ellison (MBA ’91), the choice wasn’t hard to make. Read More >

River Cruising Comes of Age

HBS Bulletin - Aug 23

Oslo-born Torstein Hagen was inspired to launch Viking River Cruises in 1997, after his daughter, who was living in Russia, took a river cruise. Today, his growing fleet cruises into the heart of cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Budapest, and Vienna. Read More >

i-lab Buzz

HBS Bulletin - Aug 19

Approaching the i-lab on the walkway from Aldrich and Spangler. A kitchen lounge and video gaming area. There’s a small army of workers putting the finishing touches on the Harvard Innovation Lab , which will soon welcome MBA students enrolled in the new first-year FIELD (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development) course . A tour of the building, the former offices of PBS’s WGBH-TV, shows how dramatic the 10-month transformation has been. A warren of narrow hallways with low ...

Starting Up America

HBS Bulletin - Aug 19

As head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, Karen Mills focuses on small business growth. In a Q&A with, Mills talks about loan levels, a $1 billion injection of capital in small business--and numbers-centric leadership. Read More >

How Birchbox Is Disrupting Beauty

HBS Bulletin - Aug 18

Mashable interviews founder Katia Beauchamp talks about how she and Barna built Birchbox, how they got brands on board, and how HBS helped prepare them for the big leagues. We think most entrepreneurs relate to her sentiment: "There is no 'no' for me. Ever. I don't even hear it." Read More >

Breath of Life

HBS Bulletin - Aug 17

In a dramatic preview of the therapeutic possibilities of the stem-cell revolution, David Green’s (MBA ’91) company recently played a key role. Read More >

Business Legacy, HBS Impact

HBS Bulletin - Aug 12

Peter Sacerdote, who shaped investment strategy at Goldman Sachs, is remembered by Henry Paulson (MBA '70). At HBS, Sacerdote established prizes for the winning and runner-up social enterprise teams in the annual Student Business Plan Contest. Read More >

Heard on the Street and the She-E-Os

HBS Bulletin - Aug 11

After its first a cappella group, The Tycoons, disbanded ca. 1970-71, HBS had to wait almost 20 years before two new a cappella groups, Heard on the Street ( HOTS ) and the She-E-Os , were founded in the late 1980s: HOTS in 1987 by Bill Gaden (MBA ’89) and the She-E-Os in 1989 by Julie Yao Cooper (MBA ’91). A member of HOTS in 1990 provided a snapshot of the group in its early days. There were 16 members, and they sang in four-part harmony. Their signature song was “House of Blue ...

A Toast to Macchu Pisco

HBS Bulletin - Aug 9

Now that Melanie Asher’s (MBA ’03) start-up has been successfully launched, it can be deliciously shaken or stirred! Read More >

Failure Is Not an Option. It's a Necessity.

HBS Bulletin - Aug 9

More high-potential ventures fail than succeed. The good news, says Sahlman, is that the US economy and culture encourage entrepreneurial risk-taking. Failure doesn't mean "Game over." It means "Try again, with experience." Read More >

No Ducking the Debt Ceiling

HBS Bulletin - Aug 3

What debt ceiling? I haven’t been on Mars for the last two weeks, but close to it….off in the woods and on vacation, unplugged, untethered, and blissfully out of touch. So I missed the all-consuming topic that must have driven everyone crazy while I was away. Somehow, everything came to an end (at least for now) without my input. Like me, I bet Americans feel they had a better plan than what Washington came up with, and they’re probably right. Sausage-making, and its final product, has ...

A Fearless Force for Change

HBS Bulletin - Aug 2

Jennifer Goodman Linn (MBA '99) left a legacy of hope to patients who battle rare cancers. Read More >

An Exercise in Creativity

HBS Bulletin - Aug 2

Ian Pearman, chief executive of advertising agency AMV BBDO, started as a graduate trainee and spent 16 years working his way to the top, where new ideas still drive him. "I'm a creative," he explains. "The work continues to be the most important thing." Read More >

Moving Out of Our Comfort Zone

HBS Bulletin - Aug 2

Anand Mahindra describes his company's efforts to broaden the range of issues to which managers are exposed. The unconventional Mahindra Universe Program at HBS is one way the company challenges employees to move beyond their comfort zone. Read More >

Not Your Typical Venture Capitalist

HBS Bulletin - Aug 2

Deborah Farrington co-founded her Manhattan-based firm StarVest in 1998, and from the beginning, she's focused on technology-enabled business services. In a Forbes Q&A, she discuss recent wins, VC "mission creep," and how to attract more female VCs. Read More >